ITEM #H1000-C

Fireside Sofa

Fireside Custom Upholstery


This Fireside Sofa features three spring blendown seat cushions, five 24” x 24” relax down back pillows, two 20” x 20” relax down throw pillows, a lawson arm, multi-pillow back, and tapered leg base.

Inside Width: 69” (175 cm)
Inside Depth: 20.5” (52 cm)
Seat Height: 20.5” (52 cm)


Width: 88" (223.52 cm)

Height: 34.5" (87.63 cm)

Depth: 38" (96.52 cm)


Normandie Finish

AS SHOWN: 24-6137-1 on sofa body and five contrasting multi pillows; two throw pillows in 0-4417-194 with GGG-116 welt trim, Meranello Finish

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